Why You Should Stop Taking Your Relationship For Granted

It Can Be Taken Away From You at Any Time

Why is it only when we are about to lose something that we begin to appreciate what we have?

Don't Take Your Relationship For Granted

How is it that things that once used to be extremely important to us slowly become irrelevant—until they are threatened?

Why Wait?

You don’t want to wait for something bad to happen before you start showing the people you love that you appreciate them.

Why would you want to wait for dramatic events like serious sickness, injury, or even possible death to realize what you once had?

That would be plain stupid.

So let’s do something about it. Right now.

A Little Exercise

For a couple of minutes, I want you to put everything else aside, and give your relationship a little boost by filling in the blanks in the statements below.

Alternatively, complete a ready-made worksheet that you can get for FREE right here.

  1. I like your__________ (curly red hair, brown eyes, soft / strong hands, softness of your lips)
  2. I admire your__________ (energy, passion for__________, sense of humor, imagination, courage to_________, ability to__________, kindness, patience, sense of order)
  3. I really like / What I really appreciate about you is__________ (You are so patient when I freak out, your fabulous cooking, how you kiss me, the way you touch me, when you open the door of the car for me, how you always organize our vacation without a flaw, how you keep our home cozy, you being prepared to step back, you being such a good mother/father)
  4. I like watching you when you are__________ (smiling, naked, in a business suit, walking, reading fairy tales to the kids, telling jokes, cooking, teaching the kids to play ball)

Tell Them in Person

Now, tell this to your partner. Then watch the change on their face.

Yes, it might feel odd. Then again, is it really such a weird idea to tell your partner that you appreciate and love so many things about them? If you are in trouble right now, I bet dollars to donuts that you probably haven’t shared anything like that with them for a long time! I can guarantee you, your partner will NOT complain.

Small Details Matter

Life is too short to waste it focusing on things that don’t work.

Instead, stop changing your spouse (here’s the only way how you can do that) and lead the way. Focus on things that DO work. Be your spouse’s best friend. Make your spouse feel good about themselves and boost your spouse’s self-esteem Make them feel special

These small details matter much more than you think.

Then watch magic starting to happen.

Make no mistake. Your spouse WILL follow your lead; just give them some time to notice.

How do I know?

I tried it. It works.

Your 3 Minute Relationship Booster

QUESTION: Have you completed the above-mentioned worksheet? How do you feel now? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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