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47 Little Love Boosters For a Happy Marriage: Connect and Instantly Deepen Your Bond No Matter How Busy You Are


kindle_200x300mm_9_5_Audio-Book-InsideWhy this book?  Discover amazingly simple little things successful couples do to show their love and connect with their loved one in just minutes a day, even if they’re busy parents with young kids! We call them the “Little Love Boosters for a Happy Marriage” because they:

– require no cooperation from your spouse
– take very little of your time—sometimes only seconds!
– you can do them at home
are free!

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The 5 Little Love Rituals: Connect and Keep Your Love Alive No Matter How Busy You Are



Why this book? Imagine for a second how it would be to have a relationship that you truly enjoy and doesn’t just feel good for the moment, but a relationship where that feel-good sensation is normal and just keeps growing. This book is for you if you want to:

– put your marriage first and keep it there
prevent ending up living with a stranger some day
– discover simple ways to spend meaningful time together
– put more laughter back into your marriage 
– start recreating that sense of excitement and novelty just like when you first met, so that your spouse can’t help but crave you.
– Avoid getting bored with your marriage like so many couples eventually do. You won’t.

The best thing? You can start on your own without cooperation from your spouse and then let them take notice and want to join you!

Written by an author who has “been there and done that”, this book will let you re-discover amazingly simple things you can do to achieve a fulfilling relationship that doesn’t feel good just for the moment, but a relationship where that feel-good sensation is normal. Would you like that?

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Feel Good Marriage: 7 Steps To A Rock Solid Relationship Without Counseling


Feel Good Marriage bookWhy this book? In this powerful, straight-to-the-point guide, you’ll hear how a disconnected husband and wife pulled their relationship back from the brink of disaster to the loving, exciting, passionate, and connected partnership they enjoy today without any counseling. As you read this book you will . . .

– Learn how your unconscious mind is affecting your relationship right now
– Find the only way to make your spouse change
– Discover how to approach your partner so they’ll open up and be drawn to listen to you even if they’re currently pulling away.
– Discover surprisingly simple things that you can start doing today to reconnect and finally feel loved, wanted, and desired again.

Lastly,  you will learn how to make peace with the past and learn how to safely express your deepest needs, desires, and frustrations with heartfelt honesty without upsetting your partner.

… and a whole lot more!

If you’re serious about rebuilding that bond, that feeling of connection you once shared, and finally starting to enjoy the fulfilling relationship that you desire and deserve, you’re going to love this book.

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